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At Spice Tea Heaven, we are lovers of tea from all over the world.  Here you can find any tea you are looking for.  Teas from India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and other countries.  These include all the famous teas like hand picked Pure Ceylon Tea, Oolong Pure Black Breakfast Tea from Papau New Guinea, Orange Pekoe and aromatic black tea from Nepal, as well as Green Tea.  We wish to share our pleasure as tea drinkers.  



When I first visited Nepal, it was in the Spring of 1964. Nepal, at that point in time was a Hindu monarchy.  I did not know much about Nepal but came to learn and love this beautiful country of my forefathers.  Although it is landlocked by China in the north and India to its south, it is vibrant.

I will name a few cities I am familiar with which are Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar, Birganj.  As I grew up in India, my roots are still Nepali.  The majority of the people in Nepal, by the way, drink tea.  Tea is my favorite beverage. 

Numerous tea estates in the Himalayan regions of Nepal have produced fine quality tea which is quite popular all over the world; not forgetting tea gardens versus tea plantations.  

I, myself, have ordered and enjoyed Mimi Spring Oolong packed by the TeaBox company.

In the U S, I can order premium teas from "The Republic of Tea" -- consumers can enjoy a variety of teas to include Oolong, black tea and green teas - chances are they import tea from Nepal tea gardens.  

Tea from Darjeeling and Sri Lanka are teas that the Nepalese people enjoy as well.  We like our tea hot with milk and sugar in it; obviously.


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Teas from the tea plantations of Assam where I grew up.  Here, the British had tremendous influence.  The surrounding hills are exposed to a climate that create ideal conditions for the cultivation of this precious commodity that is "tea."  Tea is served in every home and restaurant in Asia.